Monday, 30 December 2013

Coming and going.   8" x 12"
People going down the hill to the shops and people coming back from the shops, up the hill.


Watercolor on Saunders w/color board.
For sale - $85.00
Available through 'Dailypaintworks'.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunny sidewalk.   9" x 12"

Great colors and shadows make a fantastic image. This is a sidewalk somewhere in Mexico.

Watercolor on Arches w/color paper.
For sale - $85.00
Available through 'Dailypaintworks'.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Carnival cooks.   18.5" x 28"
Two men and two boats.   15" x 27
These are the pencils for two large watercolor paintings I'm hoping to complete in the next few weeks. I've used a simple grid for the first stage of 'Carnival cooks' as it is so complex. For the next stage I will rub out the grid lines and then put in a bit more detail.
The pencil for 'Two men and two boats' was done without a grid as it is a lot simpler, this is how I prefer to work, if possible.
Checked my emails this morning and found out I've sold three paintings through 'Dailypaintworks'. 
   I must say that I am really pleased with everything about 'Dailypaintworks'. the website is so easy to use and if you have any problems they are very quick to sort it out. There is one thing that puzzles me though, why have I sold paintings across the world but none in the UK!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Katie.   9" x 15"
This was painted from a photo of Katie at a music festival posing next to an old grocery store sign that had the same initial and surname as herself. This was commissioned by my stepson James as a Christmas present for Katie, hope she likes it.



 Only two shopping days left 'til Christmas day, so not much painting will be done. I've also got to sort out what I'm putting forward for this years 'Splash 16' competition, it's all about textures, so not sure if I've got anything suitable. I have closed my UK based website and I am going to launch a new one on FASO, must do that this week!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Catching supper.   7" x 8"

A woman fishing from the harbor wall, she did promise fish for supper, didn't she?

Watercolor on Arches w/color paper.
For sale - $85.00
Available through 'Dailypaintworks'.