Mr and Mrs Renslow.  14" x 10"
Katie.   9" x 15"
This was painted from a photo of Katie at a music festival posing next to an old grocery store sign that had the same initial and surname as herself. This was commissioned by my stepson James as a Christmas present for Katie, hope she likes it.

Lads on the wall 2.   18" x 27"
"Graham, the painting arrived today and is more brilliant than the photo suggested. I LOVE it and I will take to my framer by week's end!  Thanks so much"!
David from New Mexico, USA. 

Coco.   18" x 12"

My granddaughter Coco, playing at grown ups, pushing her cousin around in her pushchair. This was during a wedding reception, hence her lovely pink dress and confetti on the grass. The painting is going to be a Christmas present for her Dad.

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