Sold paintings.

Paddling.   16" x 10"
I've found it.   9" x 9"
Doing the rounds.   28" x 11"

My painting just arrived (believe it spent a week on holiday at the post office in L.A.!)

I absolutely LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!  I believe this is my first purchase of art through email that is even better than I was expecting.  You are truly talented.  I am so impressed with the colors, composition, paper quality, perspective... and really just the whole thing. 

Karla in California, USA
Boat with blue tarp.   11" x 10"
Meeting in the pub.   18" x 27"
Asleep on the bench.   12" x 19"

Received paintings today. Beautiful! 

Ami in Texas, USA. 

Walking by Plaza del Charco.   15" x 27"

  What a fabulous painting ~ I cannot impart to you enough how much I appreciate having this great art in my home.  Thank you so, so much for letting it go.  I will treasure it forever!

Deborah in New York, USA.
Lost in thought.   12" x 9"

In the collection of
Lance Maxwell in Arizona, USA.

Same couple, same bench.   9" x 12"

In the collection of
Lance Maxwell in Arizona, USA.

Just passing time.   12" x 20"

What a pleasure it is to be sporting some
of your sun-drenched population of laid-backs and
loungers on my walls. Not to mention the sunlight
itself. Wonderful feeling about it. And the colors!
Wet, gem like, harmonious. Thanks so much for
sharing your talent. Best wishes, Lance.

Lance in Arizona, USA.

Shady characters.   12" x 18"

In the collection of
George Kimball in Massachusetts, USA.

After you with the sunscreen, dear.   15" x 12"

In the collection of
Arlene Daniel in North Carolina, USA. 

'We're going swimming'.   20" x 14"

"I know this feeling - remember it well! Thank you Graham for capturing it beautifully in paint. Such a pleasure to see your talent!"
Merewyn in Florida, USA. 


Coffees in the sun.   20" x 27"

"Hi Graham - yes, I loved that painting the first time I saw it -- finally decided to go for it!  I'm sure it will be great in my house".
Molly in San Francisco, USA. 

Don't do that.   10" x 14"

"I love it"!
Molly in New Hampshire, USA.

Skippool boatyard.   12" x 19"

"Hi Graham,
The painting arrived safe and sound, and is stunning! Even better in
person; we love it"
Patricia in Maine, USA. 

Lads on the wall.   12" x 18"

"Hi Graham from "down under". Received your lovely watercolour today. Packing was excellent and it survived the long journey to the antipodes very well indeed. I'll frame it and it will join my collection. Well done and thank you".
John in Bridgewater, Australia.

Heading into Venice.   12" x 19"

"It has arrived Graham. Quite lovely. I feel as if I am in Venice.  :) Thank you for sharing your art".
Erika in Oregon, USA.

Woman fishing.   10" x 8"

"Hi Graham, I received your painting yesterday. I LOVE it! Thank you so much..It will have a prominent place in my "GOOPA" room. (That's my "gallery of other people's art"!) Keep up the beautiful art and thanks again"!
Laurie in Michigan, USA.

I think we're here.  10" x 10"

"Hello Graham,
I received  "I think we're here". safe and sound yesterday - and it's lovely.
Just what I hoped it would be. Very vibrant, I love it"! 

Caroline in Holland.

Morning walk.   14" x 10"

"Just wanted you to see your painting all framed up and the highlight of my "I love California" wall!  It's just perfecto!  The avocado, paddleboard and lounge chair readers paintings are all from Daily Paintworks artists and the large unframed painting is one of my own"!
Kate in California, USA.

Man, fishing.   10" x 8"

"Graham,  Your W/c "Man Fishing" arrived and is every bit as wonderful as I expected it to be.   It's a great combination of tones with the dark figure and sea wall against the medium background and then the terrific lights of the right shoulder, arm and hip jumping from the reserve paper.  It's terrific.  Thanks very much indeed". 
Remak in New York, USA.

Walking with dog.   12" x 10"

In the collection of
Roman Czerwinski in Hawaii, USA. 

Looking for tiddlers.   12" x 8"

In the collection of
Roman Czerwinski in Hawaii, USA.

Venetian traffic.   12" x 19"

In the collection of
Roman Czerwinski in Hawaii, USA.

Sunshine joggers.   10" x 8"

"Arrived: and I love it"!
Mary Ann in Virginia, USA. 

Best in show.   12" x 19"

In the collection of
Minal Shah in Texas, USA.

Sailing, Skippool creek.   19" x 27"

In the collection of
Kimberly Boyer in California, USA. 
Old boat, Sunderland point.   11" x 18"

In the collection of
Bonnie Bedell in New York, USA. 
Crowded bench.   8" x 18"

In the collection of
Kerry Eaton, Florida, USA. 

Lido balcony.   20" x 12"

"Hi Graham, the painting arrived today. It's lovely. (and a nice reminder of our recent trip to Italy)
Hope to buy more soon"!!
Milvi in Ontario, Canada. 
Reading in pub.   8" x 6"

In the collection of
Arlene Daniel in North Carolina, USA. 

Lazing in the park.   7" x 10"

"I received your lovely painting today...I especially like the gesture of the young woman. I can't wait to get it framed. Thank you again, this is a real treat for me".
Christine in Vermont, USA. 

( This was the prize in the 'DPW' weekly draw. ) 

Fishing from the Quay.  11" x 20"

"Such beautiful work! Love the classical appearance of this work with such casual subjects. Wonderful!"
Merewyn in Florida, USA. 
Morning chat.   10" x 12"

In the collection of
Harriet Tamminga in Texas, USA. 

The NYC Lady.   10" x 12"

In the collection of
Vanessa Manwaring in Australia. 

Fishing from the sea wall.   7" x 11"

In the collection of
Merewyn Heath in Florida, USA.
Boys fishing.   10" x 16"

"Received it and it is wonderful! I have 3 sons who love to fish. Thank you"!
Debbie in California, USA. 


Reflection.   18" x 10"

"I love the natural palette especially the greens in the water but your anatomy is flawless too"!
Danielle in Vancouver, Canada. 

Fishing.   8" x 16"

In the collection of
Remak Ramsay in New York, USA. 

Sunshine boys.   12" x 29"

In the collection of
Ruediger Plueckhahn in Germany.

'It's in there'!   9" x 12"

In the collection of
Ruediger Plueckhahn in Germany.

Walking to school.   10" x 7"

"Thanks, I love the colors.
I bought it in honor of my two oldest grandchildren -

they are 5 - and started to school this fall".
Lee Ann in Tennessee, USA.

You would tell me?   19" x 12"

"It's great - it hits so close to home - that
it made me laugh...

Thank you - and keep up the lovely work".

Lee Ann in Tennessee, USA.
Lost in thought.   8" x 8"

In the collection of
Remak Ramsay in New York, USA.

Table in the sun.   10" x 11"

"Hi Graham,
I received and LOVE the painting.  When I show it to my nearest and dearest, they all say OOOOO!
Thanks so much".  
Terri in San Francisco, USA. 

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