Thursday, 21 August 2014

I usually buy a pack of five full sheets of w/colour paper, then stretch two full sheets and six half sheets, I then spend a day doing pencils.
These are the pencils for my next eight paintings:

1 - Untitled 12.5" x 19"
A group of men having a chat in the sun.
2 - Reading 13" x 19"
Two couples reading on a bench, a paperback, a kindle and two newspapers.
3 - Wardleys Creek 20" x 12"
Lots of boats and jetties, it's quite near Skippool Creek where I've done numerous paintings.
4 - Portobello Road market. 13" x 20.5"
A crowded market scene, ref taken from a small video from our recent London trip.
5 - Untitled. 13" x 16"
A man reading his morning paper.
6 - Two girls. 9" x 12"
Girls talking on the quayside wall.
7 - Swans. 19" x 28"
A large painting of two swans, the challenge is not to make a chocolate box image.
8 - Untitled. 18" x 26"
This has been ready to paint for at least six weeks!

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  1. Your drawing style is so detailed yet so loose at the same time. I envy you that!