Friday, 13 June 2014

Constructing an image for painting.
On our recent trip to Liverpool we had a few hours of sunshine, it was during one of these brief periods that I took a few photos that I thought might make it into one of my paintings, I found a nice high viewpoint, giving dramatic shadows, and snapped a few photos of the people as they streamed into 'Liverpool One' shopping center. Now I'm back home I can look through the photos and see if any could be used for a painting, sometimes I can be lucky and find among my photos an image that will need little alteration but for a little cropping but most of the time some extra editing is needed. in this case I've taken elements from several photos and placed them in a more pleasing composition, all this was done in 'Photoshop' on my computer.
Sometimes if I want to capture a busy scene I will use the video setting on my camera and then I can grab screenshots when I'm viewing it on my computer.

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