Thursday, 5 June 2014

This is the painting that was on my board a couple of days ago, a little cherub fountain in Risco Bello gardens, located alongside the Hotel Taoro above the town of Puerto de la Cruz, tenerife. These extraordinary aquatic gardens provide water landscapes to rival a Monet canvas, and a genteel tea garden in which Agatha’s ghost wouldn’t look out of place were it to materialize. Steps, footbridges and hidden paths lead around and across lily-filled ponds, waterfalls and bougainvillea backed pools where nature and secateurs have reached a compromise. Exploring Risco Bello is like discovering a secret paradise and then being able to go for coffee and cakes by the lake afterwards.
This is from our recent trip to Tenerife, I posted a little sketch that I did while I was there.
Cherub fountain   12" x 9"

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